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Apeejay School Noida celebrates Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

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Noida: Apeejay School Noida recently celebrated Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav,marking 75 years of Independence by holding a range of activities.This was part of an initiative by the school torejoice the upcoming Independence Day and remember all freedom fighters; including Dr Stya Paul, Inspiration behind all Apeejay Education Institutions, who was earnestly involved inthe freedom movement.

AzadikaAmritMohatsav, a government-led initiative, to celebrate the glorious history and culture of the nation has been creating a patriotic zeal among the citizens. Across the nation, theme-based creative programmes are being organised in educational institutions to enlighten the young students about our freedom struggle and pay their respect to the brave freedom fighters.

The activities organised by the school were carefully crafted to infuse students with patriotic fervour. Painting competition, for instance, aimed at depicting the cultural form of the freedom struggle of India.  Sayesha Gupta, a student of class VIII, drew three hands in saffron, white, and green respectively. At the top of it was the Ashoka Chakra with blood on it.“The painting symbolised the struggles we went through as a nation and how we overcame it all with our bravery,” added Sayesha.

To encourage the students to learn and further comprehend the various facets of the Indian Freedom Struggle, an essay-competition was organised on the topic, ‘the role of the freedom fighters of Meerut in the Indian freedom struggle’. It is through such activities that students while researching understood the significant role of the state in bringing about the freedom of the nation. Annika Tikkha, a class VIII student elaborated how in the course of her preparation she discovered, “It was Meerut where the rebellion of 1857 took birth.”

Anusha Jain, a participant in the quiz competition elaborating on her experience said, “The topic for our quiz was ‘Know your India’. It was obviously a great opportunity to learn more about my country and it made me feel very patriotic.”

In line with the theme of Independence, an inter-house rangoli-making competition was conducted. The teacher divided the participants into teams of six members. Each team was then asked to design their rangoli depicting the Indian Freedom struggle.  One of the team designed a rangoli to bringforth the theme of ‘flying for freedom’. Talking about her team’srangoli, Adhya Sharma, said “Our design had helicopters, peacocks, and all the things that make India what it is. It was a fun process, but it also taught us a lot of things. First, we learned teamwork. Learning about the struggles of our freedom fighters further inspired me to work hard and try to be a responsible citizen.”

The school will be hosting an awareness walk, ‘HarGharTiranga’ campaign for flag hoisting as well as some cultural activities.

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