World Mental Health Day Celebration at Amity University Greater Noida Campus,

-World Mental Health Day Celebration at Amity University Greater Noida Campus,

Greater Noidaः Amity Institute of Behavioral Health & Allied Sciences (AIBHAS) at Amity University Greater Noida celebrated World Mental Health Week by organizing a series of events at its Greater Noida Campus. A Panel Discussion on the WHO World Mental Health theme of ‘Mental Health as a Universal Human Right’ was held on 10th October, 2023. A Poster Making Competition for the Amity University students was also organized. Alongside, Mental Health Counselling and Quick Assessment Sessions were also arranged for the students under three Day Program ‘Know Your Mental Health’.  Mental Health is a sensitive domain that lies at the intersection of empathy, healthcare, and societal inclusivity. Despite many efforts to generate awareness about mental health, there is still much lack of awareness and gap in help seeking for mental disorders due to stigma, apprehension, myths and fear of discrimination. This year the World Mental Health Day-23 theme was ‘Mental Health as a Universal Human Right’.  Amity University Greater Noida Campus celebrated World Mental Health Day-2023 by organizing a Poster making competition in the morning. More than hundred students from various departments and courses participated in the competition with full zeal and enthusiasm.  A Panel Discussion was organized in the afternoon led by the experts in the field. Honourable Prof. Ajay Rana, the Director General of Amity University, Greater Noida was the Chief Guest for the event. In his address, Prof. Rana attempted to sensitize the gathering of students and faculties of Amity University about  their  Right to good Mental Health. He encouraged all to seek help for any kind of mental health issue they perceive as it may hinder or interfere with their overall well-being and functioning.

The Panelists for the Panel Discussion included Dr. Geetanjali Chauhan, Trauma Surgeon & Grief Counsellor, Dr. Anita Sharma, Consultant Psychiatrist, Mind Grace Clinic & KIPBM and Prof. Dweep Chand, Mentor-Professor, AIBHAS, Amity University. The Discussion was moderated by Dr. Pratibha A. Singh, RCI registered Clinical Psychologist & Head of Amity Institute of Behavioural Health & Allied Sciences (AIBHAS). Dr. Pratibha emphasized that Mental Health is a basic human right for all including children, college students and elderly. She explicated that poor mental health has wide and far reaching implications as it not only affects the social and occupational functioning of the person but a general sense of well-being and capacity to deal with new emerging challenges in this rapidly changing world of technology and pressures.

Dr. Nandita Tripathi, Head of Institute, also emphasized how mental health issues are an important concern and need to be addressed for all so that the person may function optimally and effectively at all stages of life. Dr. Geetanjali, one of the Panelists, stated that trauma and experiences of trauma are invariable part of our lives and so every person needs to develop resilience to cope and get over them. Dr. Anita also emphasized how the picture and manifestations of mental health concerns are changing over time and the need to empower youth to deal with the ever changing challenges in today’s world. Prof. Dweep Chand encouraged the youth to stay insightful, aware and seek help for any mental health issue that may be interfering with their general sense of well-being. Ms. Drishte Madan, Assistant Professor & RCI registered Clinical Psychologist, AIBHAS talked about appreciating diversity in human behaviour and encouraged to raise awareness through open dialogues and campaigns about mental health themes.

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